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The Diversity of Corporate Films and Videos

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It doesn’t matter if you would like to present scientific or educational information, which is frequently done with an instructional film, or if you would like to induce emotions, such as the desire to buy something. Film productions are often conducted and videos occur in all kinds and facets. The technical execution and project management of these video productions are similar for most production formats, however different aspects must be considered.The objective of this section is to present corporate formats associated with the medium video.

Below you find a variety of posts, which all cover distinct production formats. If you consider a film or a video to be produced by a film production company then you need to decide on the style. Combinations are possible as well. You might want to portray your company in the first minute and later present your products or services.

The following production styles or formats are frequently used:

  • Instructional film, training video or training film
  • Image film
  • Product video or product presentation
  • Industrial film
  • Fair film
  • Enterprise film
  • Event film
  • Video Viral
  • Publicity films, like e.g. Infomercials or TV-spots

The advertising industry

Your production budget strongly depends on the technical requirements and you are probably willing to spend more money if the rights of use and license fees are high as well. For a simple TV-Spot of about 30 seconds, you are likely to pay in Germany on a prime slot for instance 4000€. This is just one transmission. If you consider a marketing campaign, which most like consists between 100 and 200 transmissions then we already talk about 1 million Euro. The highest production costs are therefore present in the advertising industry. The production of a spot sometimes exceeds even the 150.000€ barrier. Production costs are high due to the associated license fees, which are associated with the actors, music rights and voice-over artists, which represent a significant part. Advertisement on local television is much cheaper.

The need of a video strategy

Independently of the above stated, a variety of companies get their video strategy sorted out as well. In order to reuse some of the shots for the next production, formats of higher production value, such as 1080p, recorded within AVC Intra 100, are considered. Additionally, license fees associated are cleared and a more flexible manner. With such an approach, the same shots can be used in the best quality for the presentation on the trade show and, probably a bit compressed, as a different version on the Internet. However, the bandwidth on the Internet always increases and the need for quality productions just follows the trend. Clients therefore start to reconsider if productions on a low budget really pay off - because they are unlikely to be reusable and rarely sufficiently define the “rights of use” associated. Last but not least – these cheap productions don’t often facilitate artificial lighting with the consequence that ugly shades in the face become clearly recognizable.

Video production formats

Below you find a variety of articles, which all cover distinct production formats or corporate/commercial production categories.