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The term “video marketing” isn’t consistently used. In a corporate environment “video marketing” is part of the overall marketing strategy and therefore not just related to one film. In a corporate environment, where web-videos are frequently produced, all video productions need to be aligned to the corporate video marketing strategy, which also translates the corporate branding into a practical guides. Additionally, since any video project is project management, the corporate project management approach needs to be applied as well. Here, additional aspects such as reusability of media as well as legal aspects need to be considered as well. Therefore, instead of “video marketing” often the term “video strategy” is used.

In a non-corporate environment the term “video marketing” is more often used for the sales and pre-sales activities related. Any sponsor is going to ask about the potential audience of a film – so who is going to watch it? Who is going to pay money for it? If a target group isn’t defined then the distribution phase cannot be planed – and many other thinks.

The term “video marketing” relates to topics, which cannot easily be assigned to the four main video production phases, labeled as Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution. You probably are going to ask the following questions (and many more):

  • Do I have a business case for the production of a video?
  • Which genre or “production format” should I use for the video (videos)?
  • How does the video production fit into the overall marketing strategy?
  • Which outline should the videos have?
  • How does the video strategy look like?
  • How do I publish the video?

These questions fall into the category “video marketing” and there answers are going to influence the four media management phases (Preproduction, Production, Post-Production and Distribution). Video marketing is a layer above these media management phases.

Video Marketing Topics

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