Video School

This online video-school is free of charge

This video school targets anyone, who works with videos or photos. It covers the “producers perspective” as well as the “client perspective”. You can be (i) a newcomer, (ii) a passionate amateur or you might already earn money with your creative work – so you are (iii) a professional. If you need to contract someone for your media work, so you are (iv) an end-user then the “client perspective” interests you. This video school is free of charge and a collection of topics, which relate to the artistic disciplines videography and photography at varies levels.

Topics are published on a regular basis and assigned to the main media production phases of a video: Preproduction, Production, Post-Production and Distribution. These phases are here symbolized by a puzzle piece. Additionally, I have a generic category entitled “Video Marketing” and “Reviews”. The relationship of these four puzzle pieces is used as symbol for the “Video Marketing”.Tutorials and training material published can either be selected on a category level (just click on the icons below), as a complete list in chronological order or by the use the portals index page.

Videography and Photography

Photography and videography can be defined in a manner that (i) photography captures the moment and (ii) videography captures the movement. Strictly speaking, this definition isn’t quite correct because a photo can give you an impression of motion by the use of motion blur and a video can be facilitated like a slide show. You can also convert a series of pictures into a web video. Independently of these details both disciplines become increasingly interrelated. This happens technically, because many DSLR cameras can record videos and photographical equipment can be adapted on camcorder as well. For example, old fashioned manual lenses are nowadays used as prime lenses for independent films. Therefore, you find here topics, which are interesting for any photographer as well.