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The Product Video

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Product videos can be produced in two different styles. The advertisement style creates attention and wakes curiosity. Product videos are shown on sales channels on the television as well - however, the majority of product videos with an advertisement style are shown on the Internet, on trade shows, fairs and exhibitions. The second category of product videos is educational. Here, the advertisement character isn’t dominant. The idea is to illustrate and to demonstrate the product with its range of applications and to introduce its operational areas. Yes, a product video can also be a moderated operating - or maintenance instruction, probably with a slight level of entertainment.

Product presentations in form of a product video are particularly efficient if a figurative representation says more than thousand words. Particularly close-ups, slow motion - or quick motion recording can help us to understand characteristics of a product. Often, it is difficult to show people around in order to explain items. Security areas are not easily accessible to individuals or in some cases to dangerous or complicated. With the help of a video many independent elements can be brought into action and understood as the whole. Animated designs and flow charts supplement the video and illuminate the total concept.

Voice-Over artists for Product Videos

Product videos can be produced in varying styles, for example authentically, in form of a documentary film or with techniques common by news magazines. Sometimes interview techniques or classical lectures are suitable. A lecture style strongly depends on the narration and you might consider a professional actor. Many production enterprises have relationships to agencies. Professional actors cost between 800-1200€ per day in Germany for instance. Additionally, license costs are charged and depend upon the rights of use and the distribution of your video. If you want to produce your product video in another languages then mother-linguistic voice-over artists are necessary as well.

Duration of Product Videos

You should change the presentation style frequently and probably consider different actors as well in order to keep the attention of your audience. Music can also help. Studies have shown that your audience is unlikely to stay focused for more than 8 – 10 minutes. Therefore, your product video shouldn’t be longer than 8 minutes.