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Trade Show Video

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Many potential customers, very little time and numerous exhibition booths – this is how many people would characterize a trade show. The cost to be present with your own trade-show booth is high. Particularly in such an environment many exhibitors increasingly utilize a trade show video as part of their marketing-mix. But what exactly is a trade show video? There are two types of trade show videos. One type is shown on the exhibition booth and is a mixture between a product presentation and a PR related film. It should wake curiosity, so that the visitors remain standing. It should represent your business positively, which is the PR part, and additionally your portfolio related to products and/or services. A small film on a laptop doesn’t help here. The more largely the film is going to be presented, e.g. with a projector, the more attention you are likely to gain. Of course, also a product presentation can be shown on a fair. However, the same text with the license free music will not only put your staff on the exhibition booth to sleep but also, and here it gets to your business, your potential customers are most likely to be annoyed as well. Unfortunately, I need to advise against a video, which is prepared in a similar manner as the once you see in your do-it-yourself store. Once your potential customer come to your exhibition booth they are likely to have already been exposed to so many sleep-inducing presentations that their level of intellectual saturation is reached. Approach your topic emotionally; replace spoken words (or at least some) by visually animated text messages. Lounge music, ambient music or even natural sounds from the water, river or forest welcome your stressed visitors with a pleasant environment and a sense of well-being.

Trade Show Video as Event Video

A trade show video can also be similar to an event video. The difference is that it is produced during the event “trade show”, where your staff and clients are filmed. Within the first part the exhibition booth on the trade show is recorded. It should be a success message with many people close to your exhibition booth. During the second part you should present your business with your product and services. The success message should be around 1,5 minutes if your video has a total length of 6 to 8 minutes. The objective of such a trade show video is to show all people, which weren’t able to participate, how successful your participation at the trade show was. This message is not just for your clients and potential customers but also for your colleges, who weren’t able to come. Such a film should also be integrated on the companies internet portal in order to show the world that your company was present at this particular fair.

Trend Interactive Trade Show Videos

A new trend on fairs is the interactive film. It van be a simple DVD with menu or video clips merged in within an information terminal. If properly done then the individual aspects are separated into (i) Your enterprise, (ii) your product range and (iii) the advantages of your products. You can also add customer testimonials and your client's stories. You decide on your content and presentation, which probably is also a question of taste.
The best price performance ratio you are going to receive in a package. With this I would like to emphasis content syndication of your video sequences produced. Assure in advance that your “rights of use” associated are cleared sufficiently. This allows you legally to reuse some sequences on the web, other once for your detailed product presentation or within your future information terminal. Beside the legal aspects you should also consider the technical quality of your recordings. The quality of your recordings is recommended to meet a technical standard, which allowes usage during the next years and also looks good on a big screen. Personally, I prefer recordings in AVC Intra 100 and 1080p – they look good on a big screen, make good economic sense and are very likely to be reusable during the next years.