I am pleased about each inquiry and contact. In order to differentiate your seriously meant inquiry from numerous “others”, I kindly ask you to consider the following regulation (see also TERMS and Conditions). This regulation does not apply if with you a different written agreement over the observance of safety and coding standards exists.

1. Communication with classical letter

I kindly request you to convey documents of legal nature and/or for business operation purposes, which might include proposed due dates, exclusively as letter to the following address:

Nageldinger Film
Dr. Guido Nageldinger
Luehedeich 12A
21720 Gruenendeich

voice: +49 4142 813520
fax: +49 4142 813521

2. Informal and noncommittal information exchanges

The e-mail address/contact application form is not a postal address and is prohibited to be used for legal – and/or business operations purposes (orders etc..). Please use the e-mail address/contact application form exclusive for informal and noncommittal information exchanges. This measure is necessarily, because
(a) e-mails can be abused by the use of wrong names and the content can be altered by third parties electronically and
(b) for technical reasons, the application of measures related to proposed dates or deadlines cannot be assured.

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