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In this section you find a couple of Nageldinger Film’s productions available as online videos. The WebPages associate, on which they are incorporated give you also supplementary background information – and the best think, they are all for free. Online videos are normally shared on the internet by the use of (i) content provider (video on demand) or (ii) video sharing portals. Content provider utilize either their own streaming facility or contract video streaming provider. I have uploaded many videos on YouTube. I mainly showcase documentary films or films produced in a documentary style. Some of the work is of commercial and marketing related nature, even though it is educational and entertaining. Pure commercial work is only uploaded in case it is of general interest or if it is used to demonstrate certain techniques. Please be conscious that many of my films are transmitted in a variety of languages, such as German, English or even Spanish. In some cases they are available in more than just one language. So look for your language, lay back, have fun and enjoy the info’s available.