2 Where to volunteer



Do you like to volunteer for a homeless program?

The second episode illustrate the life within the overnight shelter and puts emphasis on volunteer groups. The US are frequently portrait as country, which doesn’t care if people are poor or sick. I think that this picture isn’t quite right because in the US are many highly motivated people, which donate their time to volunteer for charities. Voluntarism in the US is heavily present where by many other countries social issues are requested to be resolved by the governments institution. People here think probably that their tax money should be sufficient where as in the US people get actively involved and volunteer. REST had been brought up by concerned neighbors because a man froze to death on the street during Chicago’s cold winter months. Again, people became actively involved and started to find a solution. Due to this active involvement the US created many new approaches on how to resolve social issues. The second episode closes with a description of wall painting, which introduces REST’s social service programs.

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