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4 Housing Program

Housing Program: Who wants to be homeless?

The fourth episode is very American like – it gives you an happy end and shows how clients move from the shelter into REST’s housing program. Gerald Pilarski explains: “…I don’t think homelessness …

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3 Homelessness: Causes and Solutions

Homelessness: Causes and Solutions

The third episode explains the causes of homelessness and touches topics such as poverty, minimum wage, chronic substance abuse, chronic mental illness and the breakdown of the social support system. The film illustrates how REST addresses …

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2 Where to volunteer

Do you like to volunteer for a homeless program?

The second episode illustrate the life within the overnight shelter and puts emphasis on volunteer groups. The US are frequently portrait as country, which doesn’t care if people are poor or …

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1 Support Center

Live within the support center

The first episode illustrates the live within the support center, which is called by the homeless people often drop in center. The idea is to have a safe place to be, which is not just …

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