3 Homelessness: Causes and Solutions



Homelessness: Causes and Solutions

The third episode explains the causes of homelessness and touches topics such as poverty, minimum wage, chronic substance abuse, chronic mental illness and the breakdown of the social support system. The film illustrates how REST addresses these issues with a well designed social service program. It shows the therapeutic art class, which is intended to help homeless people to express themselves in non-verbal, non-oral ways. On a weekly basis REST conducts a community afternoon. Ramiro Chacon explains:”… becoming homeless for most people is very demoralizing, it is an experience that really breaks you, spiritually, emotionally and physically too. – …one of the reasons that many people share is that their support system falls apart, they have no one else to trust them, no one who belief in them and they don’t belief in anyone anymore”. REST has a variety of support groups, such as the men’s support group. Harry Hielkman explains: “…People check in and try to focus on stating how they feel rather then what they are thinking. We can go on and on about what we are thinking, but it is difficult to say what I am feeling especially with other man.”

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