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#19 What makes a Himba being a Himba?

What makes a Himba being a Himba?


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#18 How to uplift life in Namibia’s rural areas?

How to uplift life in Namibia’s rural areas?

We have seen that the life in the surrounding area …

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#17 Namibia’s Himba and Herero at Opuwo’s unusual market

Opuwo’s unusual market

Opuwo is the main city in the northern Kunene region. About 12000 people live here – mainly Herero and Himba. People with their traditional, natural presentation, live

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#16 Authentic Himba dances

Authentic Himba dances

This episode illustrates Himba dances. It is one of the few episodes, which doesn’t contain any narration. This is because there isn’t a lot

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#15 A morning by a Himba family

A morning by a Himba family

Himba in the Kunene region cannot be associated with just one lifestyle. Some have a nomadic existence and others a semi- nomadic lifestyle. Some Himba family conduct mixed farming and I know Himba with …

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#14 Himba shower and cosmetic

How Himba make fire

This episode is about traditional fire making and Himba cosmetic. What the headman is now showing

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#13 How do Himba build a house or shelter?

Creation of a Himba house

… for the storage of fruits and vegetables

We already have learned …

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#12 Himba music part 2: Ancient and contemporary Himba songs

The Himba “cattle gun”

This episode is about ancient and contemporary Himba music. I actually had visited quite a few Himba villages

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#11 Himba music part 1: The “cattle gun”

The Himba “cattle gun”

Today’s hunting horn is an instrument you even find in classical orchestras. The “cattle gun” is something similar. It is an original authentic Himba instrument and used

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#10 How to create a Herero Hat

The Herero Hat

You can identify Herero women by their dress code, which consists of this 18th century Vic

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