4 Housing Program



Housing Program: Who wants to be homeless?

The fourth episode is very American like – it gives you an happy end and shows how clients move from the shelter into REST’s housing program. Gerald Pilarski explains: “…I don’t think homelessness is a choice. There are people out there they think that this is maybe a choice but after my eight years at the shelter and after having talked to thousands of clients you see how very much they want to have their own place. And if you have the opportunity to see someone moving from the shelter to our housing, which is a very small step, but for them it is so huge then you will understand that indeed no one wants to be homeless. – Who wants to be out there on the street when it is minus 40 degree? It just doesn’t make sense and the more you walk to the clients the more you will see that this is not a choice, this is something that happens and it is horrible and we need to address it, we need to respond as a community we are in.”