#18 How to uplift life in Namibia’s rural areas?



How to uplift life in Namibia’s rural areas?

We have seen that the life in the surrounding area of Opuwo is quite different than in the city of Opuwo. In the surrounding area Himba and Herero have a very traditional lifestyle. And some Himba even have a nomadic or semi-nomadic existence. In Opuwo, which just has about 10.000 people, traditional lifestyles clash with contemporary once. Once I returned from Opuwo’s unusual market to my campground I thought about how to uplift people’s life in Opuwo. I shared my experience with some people who work for the COSDEC foundation. COSDEC stands for Community Skills Development Centre. In this episode I present their thoughts. In a couple of years Opuwo is going to be a different place. You will probably not see big skyscrapers in this rural area but people will increasingly use their raw products available, start their business and by this reduce their unemployment.