#12 Himba music part 2: Ancient and contemporary Himba songs



The Himba “cattle gun”

This episode is about ancient and contemporary Himba music. I actually had visited quite a few Himba villages to find these ancient children songs. I mean those once, which were used to tell the children old stories. These songs seem to be almost forgotten today.
But then, in the bush under a shady tree I met a Himba family. After a while the grandmother could recall one of these ancient songs. Unfortunately, due to the old language, we were unable to translate it but you probably get a flavor of these ancient songs.
Beside these ancient songs there are quite a few contemporary songs, which always involves clapping. A similar melody is used by Himba children dances, which are quite common as well. We are going to see more dances in my later episodes. Before I left – the family contributed another ancient song.