Monthly Archives: January 2012

#01 Aperture and f-number

Aperture and f-number

It doesn’t matter if you call it photography or videography – as soon you start to explain one thing you can’t avoid to explain other things as well – because they are all related. Let’s start with …

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#19 What makes a Himba being a Himba?

What makes a Himba being a Himba?


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#16 Authentic Himba dances

Authentic Himba dances

This episode illustrates Himba dances. It is one of the few episodes, which doesn’t contain any narration. This is because there isn’t a lot to say. These dances shown are usually just performed by the children. The …

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#15 A morning by a Himba family

A morning by a Himba family

Himba in the Kunene region cannot be associated with just one lifestyle. Some have a nomadic existence and others a semi- nomadic lifestyle. Some Himba family conduct mixed farming and I know Himba with …

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#14 Himba shower and cosmetic

How Himba make fire

This episode is about traditional fire making and Himba cosmetic. What the headman is now showing to us becomes probably very soon a forgotten cultural technique – I mean the traditional art to make fire. This …

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