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#16 Authentic Himba dances

Authentic Himba dances

This episode illustrates Himba dances. It is one of the few episodes, which doesn’t contain any narration. This is because there isn’t a lot to say. These dances shown are usually just performed by the children. The …

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#07 Herero dances and music

Herero Dances and Music


The sevens episode is about Oruvandjei that’s how the local people call their village, which is located about 50km south of Opuwo. Opuwo is with about 6000 people the only city – …

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# 05 The Riemvasmaak community

Namibia’s “Damaraland”

… a multicultural experience

The story of the Riemvasmaak community is sad and takes us to South Africa’s dark apartheid area where under the umbrella of the so called black spot removal program people where send by brutal …

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